Airways Transporting

As UTS, we prioritize diversity in our airline transportation services we offer to our customers. For this reason, we can quickly respond to all your air transport needs, starting from small (minimum) cargoes to large-scale complete charter aircraft shipments. Regardless of your industry, we focus on providing a low cost advantage in the field of international airline logistics as well as all our transfer options for your fast and economical transfer needs.

Some of our air freight services are:

  • Transport from airport to airport
  • Project Transportation
  • Transit Transportation
  • Charter Aircraft rental
  • Perishable Cargo Transportation
  • Live Animal Transport
  • Dangerous Goods Transport
  • Balloon Cargo Special Transports
  • Fast / Standard / Economic Service Types
  • Experienced Operation Team
  • Order Management and Freight Tracking System, (Key Account Management)
  • Door-to-Door Deliveries with a Worldwide Strong Agency Network
  • Document Delivery on Time

As UTS, we offer export and import opportunities for all airports around the world that provide international trade services for our customers. Thanks to our widespread network, we deliver your products to every corner of the world very quickly; We manage the necessary operational studies to get the result you desire at the time you target.

We are able to create an ideal and suitable system for all kinds of cargo to be transported with our team, which has all the certificates determined by Iata and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, which is specialized in airline transport cargo types. While we carry out the flawless transfer of machines, sensitive materials, hazardous materials, plants and live animals, valuable goods and special projects, we complete our successful operations in a way that provides cost advantage for our customers.

Thanks to the special agreements we have made with all airlines and our worldwide agencies for import / export airlines and our long years of experience, we provide our customers with the advantages of minimizing transportation costs as much as possible.

Since our establishment, we have been working with all our strength to ensure that our main goal is unconditional customer satisfaction, fast document delivery and saving our customers both time and warehouse costs in logistics processes.

If addressed with the advantages of airline transportation, we can list some benefits as follows:
  • Transport time is the shortest mode of transport compared to other modes of transport (such as Seaway, Road, Train, etc.)
  • Maximum safety and care in transfer and handling processes
  • The operation process is more flexible due to the number of alternatives and the process can be planned more comprehensively
  • In addition to the transfer of large cargoes, small volume cargoes can also be transferred
  • Cost advantages for various operations in export and import

As UTS, among the companies that are Iata authorized cargo agents, we aim to offer you all the advantages that airline transportation can provide to you effectively.

Our operations team ensures that the cargoes to be transferred are transported to the targeted point by providing you with all the data you need by shaping them with the lowest cost and the safest route as soon as they are received. Our operations team is also actively working to transfer the data you request to you instantly until the delivery is completed.

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Maritime Transport

Thanks to its office and agency network, UTS provides service to every port of the world with its experienced maritime trade experts. Our Freight Pricing team helps you to get the best possible rates in line with your needs.

With our Partial Transportation Service (LCL), we are ready for your needs with our regular partial services for your shipments of less than one container. You can contact us for all your global LCL needs. Our expert operation teams will take care of your cargo one-to-one to ensure that your cargo is sent without delay.

For more effective and low-cost shipments, we organize regular weekly, safe transit times from important ports of the world LCL services that you can always find a place for. We offer our customers reliable and fast services, direct or indirect, that minimize the risk of cargo damage.

Some of our maritime transport services are:

  • Complete Container Loading (FCL)
  • Partial Container Loading (LCL)
  • Open top equipment supply
  • Flat Rack equipment supply
  • Dangerous Goods loading
  • Frigo (Refrigerated) container

As UTS, we provide our valued customers with the highest level of customer service from the sale to the end of the entire transportation operation. Our customers can be sure that their sea freight is in safe hands.

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Being easily accessible is one of the most important features of UTS and works in a solution-oriented manner.

Customs Brokerage sector grew steadily from 1996 to the present day and with strong references that have taken place in Turkey in the first place UTS Customs Brokerage Some of the services offered to customers of the Company are as follows;

Import Clearance Services

  • Determining Customs Tariff Statistics Positions (GTIP)
  • Tracking of Transfer and Transit transactions
  • Having the bill of lading endorsements, if any, after receiving the import documents
  • Receiving order and delivery documents
  • Before the customs declaration is opened, if there are doubts about the goods, to make a küşad transaction
  • Gümrük kabul ve tescil işlemlerine başlayarak eşyanın muayenesini yapmak
  • If there is any deficiency, damage or mistake in the product to be imported, to have the minutes made, to inform the places where information should be given
  • To transport the customers to the desired place and deliver them to the authorities
  • Closing incentive files if incomplete and resolving their collateral, if any
  • To transfer the customs taxes and fees transferred to the company account to the customs accounts on-line
  • Providing transportation support for the transportation of customs bonded goods to the desired location
  • To make temporary import transactions (such as repair purposes, etc.) and to follow their durations

Export Clearance Services

  • Determining Customs Tariff Statistics Positions (GTIP)
  • Registration of membership to the relevant exporter unions according to the type of goods
  • Within the framework of the procedures and principles in the export regime and export regulation, the procedures for obtaining preliminary permits from the relevant authorities and obtaining special documents (A.tr, Eur.1, Certificate of Origin ABC, Forma-A Certificate of Origin, Control Certificate, Health Certificate, Consular Approval To do Chamber of Commerce-Governorship Invoice Certification according to the country situation
  • After all documents are completed, to arrange the customs declaration and to enter the registration procedures at the relevant customs, to have the inspection determination done.
  • To complete the customs procedures of the loaded vehicle
  • After the goods are exported abroad and the customs confirmation copy is received and approved by the relevant customs, closing the declaration and delivering the closing copy of the actual export to the company within the framework of proceedings.
  • To make temporary export transactions and to enter the country in time
  • To follow up all export transactions that can be carried out within the framework of the laws at customs
  • Issuance and follow-up of Ata Carnet from the relevant Chambers of Commerce in transactions requiring a horse carnet
  • To prepare and follow up CITES document from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Performing temporary export transactions (such as repair purposes, etc.) and tracking their duration
  • Transit transactions
  • Transfer operations

What is a "Simplified Customs Line"?

Created between Russia and Turkey, it is a system based on electronic means of exchange between the customs administrations of the two countries in advance the information on shipped goods in trade between the two countries. Within the framework of the system, companies that present the information about the shipped goods to the customs administration in advance are provided with various convenience in foreign trade transactions.

Turkey-established between Russia Simplified Customs Line (BGH) legal basis of the system, which was signed on 18 September 2008, "the Republic of Turkey Undersecretariat of Customs Russian Federation Protocol for the simplification of the Federal Customs Service in Customs Operations" constitutes.

Advantages: Reference Price is valid in all other applications that you send to the customs in Russia, unlike the BGH goods and of goods in customs duty calculation Turkey INVOICE PRICE prevail. With BGH, all the bureaucracy procedures required to complete import customs procedures in the Russian Federation have been facilitated.

In Turkey, Istanbul central warehouse has dominated the Russian Customs Regulations relative to controls being made by staff, imports of goods which are not suitable to be returned to Russia has not yet While in Turkey. Goods that are suitable for shipment are delivered to the recipient in a short period of 24 hours, exempt from customs inspection at Russian customs.