UTS International Transport Ltd. Co.

UTS, which started its life as a Customs Consultancy Company in 1996,

in 2004, taking the document IATA Air Freight Shipping has been one of Turkey's leading companies.

Incorporating both Customs Consultancy and Air Cargo Transportation, UTS can thus provide its customers with fast and most importantly door-to-door service in matters such as document, information, cargo tracking.

Airways Transporting

Airway transport is the fastest and most practical way among international transport modes, thanks to the technological possibilities developing today. UTS, with its expert staff in the field, widespread agency network around the world and the experience it has gained over many years, is to provide its customers with all large and small cargoes that need to be delivered to long distances in a short time to their destination. In addition, UTS has been working one-on-one with all Airline companies with the advantage of being an "Iata authorized Cargo" agency for more than 16 years. Thanks to this advantage, it is easier to track the cargo, and it is also reflected in fast information flow and most importantly, transportation prices.

As UTS, we prioritize diversity in our airline transportation services we offer to our customers. For this reason, we can quickly respond to all your air transport needs, starting from small (minimum) cargoes to large-scale complete charter aircraft shipments. Regardless of your industry, we focus on providing a low cost advantage in the field of international airline logistics as well as all our transfer options for your fast and economical transfer needs.

Maritime Transport

With our experience of more than 30 years, our experienced experts are at your side with all kinds of logistics solutions for all your shipments that your company needs. Thanks to its wide and widespread agency network, UTS provides service to every port of the world with its experienced maritime trade experts.

While UTS is aware of what our customers want as a logistics partner, it provides efficiency and consistency to you, our customers, with its experience in maritime transport, overseas shipping or partial transportation of your containers.

We have a wide network of partnerships with the world's leading container shipowners. In addition, we also offer various domestic / international domestic transportation and customs clearance services to our customers. We have experienced sea shipping experts to help you find the right solution to meet your needs.

UTS Customs Ltd.Co.

Our strong references from 1996 to the present day with the Customs Brokerage We take first place in the sector in Turkey.

UTS is one of the most important features of being easily accessible and works solution-oriented.